Corporate Vision

We pride ourselves in creating quality product, lasting memories, and enjoyment
thus increasing stakeholder value each and every day.

Corporate Guiding Philosophy

Ensure that our timeless designs continue to surprise and delight, offering experienced boaters the performance, dependability, and safety they expect from a company with over 40 years’ experience in creating recreational powerboats for salt and fresh water boating, thus enriching boater’s quality of life and experiences that will endure for generations to come.

Corporate Values


Respect for People & Community

Safety & Accessibility




“Do the unexpected”

A Message From Our CEO

In a short period of time since our listing on the TSXV in March 2021, Limestone Boat Company Limited has quickly delivered on a number of critical milestones to ensure a strong corporate, operational, and financial foundation for our company and its future. We’ve launched new models, and partnered with Vision Marine Technologies to offer an electric option to complement our current outboard lineup, establishing the Limestone Boat Company with early mover status in growing customer segments. The marine industry is experiencing unprecedented demand and we are uniquely positioned to become a growing force in the North American market with our iconic and heritage brands.

Scott Hanson, CEO
Limetone Boat Company Limited

EV Partnership

With electric vehicle (EV) technology coming more and more to the forefront in our lives, we wanted to provide our customers with reliable and dependable yet disruptive EV marine product offerings on our deep-V hull designs. Our partnership with Vision Marine Technologies provides us the opportunity to bring groundbreaking performance, run times, and cruising speeds to market sought after by big water boaters.

Our initial plan is to offer our current conventional outboard powered 21’ to 29’ Limestone® models with single or twin-180 HP electric outboard options. Based on sea trials to date, regarding Vision’s proprietary E-Motion electric outboard innovations and integrated systems, the Limestone Boat Company is excited about bringing an EV alternative to big water performance boats that delivers the operating times, average cruising speed, and cycle times that our coastal and inland customers demand.

Our new electric propulsion offerings will in no way replace our current outboard offerings, but rather complement them by giving our customers an alternative choice based on their particular needs and usage. For those looking for a quieter, emission-free experience, we will now be able to offer a groundbreaking early-mover solution. We are appreciative of Vision’s approach to working together and their investment in the Limestone Boat Company. We expect our electric footprint to expand significantly over the next few years and are happy to move forward in this partnership together.

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